Week 9 

This week, we learnt how does sound affects the meaning and concept of contemporary dance. Contemporary dance is the one thing that is very difficult to understand. This is because it involves so much emotions – can sometimes focus on the emotions too much that could lead the audience to confusion. The movements of the dance can sometimes syncs with the sound and the beat of the sounds.

The Curiosities:

The Curiosities took on story that still difficult to understand. It uses so much body movements as it becomes what materialises the concept of contemporary dance. It also articulate space through foley. The bones scene took on a smoother feeling rather than the rest – this is due to the calming sounds. This interlocks between the rhythms of the music and the dancer’s movements. it is where the sound is used to sew together images into an experience which flows.


This week we learnt the difference between suture and anchorage. Suture is the structure of the sound, it smooths out – or over – the mechanics of the film’s construction, from one scene to another to create a flow. It is to confer structural confident on a narratively challenging form. This is achieved though macrostructural devices whether it is strong, confident pieces of music and microstructure articulations.

As for anchorage where sounds wards off the terror of uncertain signs. The sounds anchor to the meaning. In both dance works, sound is used to make things feel more important or meaningful than they actually are. Contemporary dance is the one dance that makes the audience looks confused. Even if the music is just a piece of bad music, but if you dance to contemporary, it seemed that it still is very meaningful. Because with contemporary dance, you have enhance the meaning into something deeper. If you put effort professionally in contemporary dance, it makes it clear and meaningful if still don’t understand the meaning. The audience reactions could either feel disturbed or also feel the dancers what the dancers are feeling.

You can de-suture to break the scene to scene. One scene to another can look very chaotic. So sound in dance works as if the sound is used to make things more important than they are actually are.

Not only human bodies, but the movements of animations also reflected the idea of deep meaning. We were shown two examples of the same tree animations. Both tree animations sync up with the music at the background – the score. However, it syncs with different movements but still synchronise with the sound. This shows how the music is played in based on the timeline of the animation.

First animation is when the leaves fall during the sound, this felt simply descriptive. The leaves falling aligned with the sound creating a more subtle and calming feeling – you feel the presence of falling and the sound at the same time. However the second one shows when the leaves fall after the sound, this one felt like it was reflecting on the fall, the after falling feeling. Both animation gives the sense of synchronisation, but which one looks more subtle and created a flow. In my opinion, I like the leaves fall aligned with the sound as it felt like you are falling together, it felt more descriptive. I learnt how suture can create a more structural and flowing from one scene to another – it creates more emotions.

This article further explained “ Thus, Scherer and Zentner (2001, p. 363) proposed the quite conservative criterion that an emotion to music should involve ‘evidence of a synchronized response of all or most organismic subsystems’ (or components). Such synchronization in response to music has recently been demonstrated.” This results in being more expressive and more meaningful.

Sia – Chandelier

We all know Sia’s Chandelier music video where Maddie Ziegler dances and moves around in the rooms. The song itself sounded very emotional – I believe the message behind it is to be free. In my opinion, they did a good job in not using the stereotypical chandelier handing from the ceiling; the contemporary dance creates another dimension. It is a contemporary dance based on aerobics and ballet elements. The music that Sia brought out gives a more materialisation towards the whole story of the music video. When she sings and screams “I’m gonna swing”, at 0:44, her dance movements of circling around matches the song when she screams.

However, the point of contemporary dance is to not be 100% synchronise with the sound and the dance movements. There are points where the dances matches the song but there are points when they are not.

In my opinion, I think the music video’s meaning is about a girl wanting that freedom – and sometimes ballet dancing shows the idea of freedom. She might be bullied by her friends so she wants that freedom. However from this article. “The song is reminiscent of Sia’s own overindulgence in alcohol and drugs. She was a struggling solo artist at the time and though she had always been a drinker, she was never addicted. Then she become an alcohol addict.” The lyrics reminds of her dark phase “like tomorrow never exists”, “1-2-3, 1-2-3 drink, throw ‘em back till I lose count”. It is interesting to look at contemporary dance that the dance might not match with the song, it makes it difficult to understand. I believe they want to set aside the idea of drinking and think of something else.

An example of synchresis is when Sia screams while Maddie jumps and swings around at 0:44 to 0:47. The half-scream vocals in the chorus shows that she is letting go of all inhibitions. Maddie drops when Sia stop singing the “swing” phase. Another one would be at 0:33, the hand and leg movements matched with the beat of “1-2-3, 1-2-3 drink”.

Eva Gutowski – Stranded Thoughts

With Eva, she makes the contemporary dance makes sense due to the title. The title “Stranded Thoughts” sync up with the setting of the video. She did not actually started dancing until the chorus started at 1:51, when the beat drops. Again because it is contemporary dance, some of the dance movements does not occur at the same time, but sometimes it does. At 1:56, there is synchronisation but at 1:58, there is no synchronisation. Again, she is elaborating the idea of emotional response from the music and her facial expression.