Week 5

In Week 5, we differentiate sound designs of Pixar’s A Bug’s Life movie; its foley and score sound design. We were then supposed to list out all the sounds that we heard watching the movie, you can see the list below:

•the sound of the wind, sound of the ant’s wind

•the background song like using trumpets

•when the grasshopper walks, the sound with the horn goes to the beat

•an echo sound of the grasshopper

Next, we were supposed to only hear the foley sounds which creates the sound effects to match up with the actions of the characters that are diegetic. These are listed below:

•the thumbing of the steps

•the nature creek sound

•the sound of the grasshopper is like the sound of a chopper

Next, we also described the score sounds which is the background music or orchestra music. These are the things:

•when the leaf falls down, the sound changes to dramatic

•the sound in the beginning is loud

•then sound quirky

•the sound of expectation is quick and loud

•the sound is screeching at the background

•grasshopper has oppressive sounds


Feast is such a good example of foley sounds that they have created. The sounds of the actual dog purrs, smells, bark. They have indulged the details of dog sounds. Sounds of plates putting on the table. Those details sounds that creates the film more authentic. Then there are some other sounds of plates clanging, the atmospheric sounds from the restaurant. This atmospheric sound is one example of sound design breakdown which spices up the atmosphere – the background sound making the film alive. If there is only foley sound – it can sound very static – so by having the sound at the background, it spices up where the setting is at. At 1:43, it shown where there the image moves in slow motion – and the sound blurs out creating a whimsical feel to show that the dog feels like in heaven. And eat 2:30, it slowly uses a background sound to give an empathetic feel, to give an emotional feeling that is coming from what the story is trying to tell us about. The beginning of the clip shows that the dog is very happy – but then it changes the mood – so it puts more emphasis by using a score background music to entice what is sad going to happen. Overall “feast” shows a great way of not using any dialogues but only uses foley sounds and score background music to explain the story of the clip.

This short clip is also a pixar film where it uses only foley sounds and score sounds. They were able to indulge the details of how birds chirp – there are various sounds of birds chirping. There is also a background music creating a soft and happy tune to entice the adorable and how cute the clip is. It gives such empathetic sounds to spice up the mood of the scene. The music in film gives such a narrative continuity where giving a suture – giving a flow from one scene to another. David Sonnenschein further explained that Continuity is “when a gap occurs in either the image or sound, music serves to fill in this hole. By smoothing over these rough areas, music hides the technological basis of the medium and prevents this from being a distraction for the audience. A sense of continuity is maintained when music is played over spatially discontinuous shots.