Week 11

4D Cinema

We dwelt into the idea of 4D Cinema. 4D Cinema is an entertainment where combining 3D cinema with physical effects that occur in the theatre. It specialises in synchronisation with what is happening during that scene in the film The effects in 4D cinema include rain, wind, lights and vibration, this is what makes the audience experience – feel like the audience is inside the movie. There are chairs that vibrate and tilt to sync with the onscreen action.

The purpose of 4D cinema is for the audience to feel that they are inside the movie as the first person perspective. The physical effects is what makes the audience have an emotional factor, for example, having the vibration of the chair makes the audience to feel something not only emotionally but physically. However, what I think 4D cinema should play maximum 10 minutes, or not this could de-experience the audience. This can cause confusion and can be sick. For few minutes enjoying will be exciting but a long time can be boring.


We learnt the idea of kinesis where this involves with moving, with vibration. If we see and hear loud noises, there is an action, then the vibration to the experience, there is some kind of impact. We are extending our senses, not only we use sight and hearing, we are using our sense of touch and can have the sense of smell. We should consider does adding movement makes it more authentic and special? To add in, we should consider does adding movement gives off materialisation??

Shrek 4D

Whenever I go to Universal Studios in Singapore, I always line up to watch the Shrek 4D experience, it always pumps me up as it felt that i am inside the movie. For example, when donkey sneezes, I felt theres a spray coming out from his mouth. There is a sense of panic that comes over me whenever I feel something happened. And by using the 3D glasses, it is as if donkey is coming into you to make it more visually real.

Another example is when shrek is on top of the horse, he is galloping, the chairs moves in vibration so we feel like we are also galloping, we are joining the experience. However since I have watched it several times, I already know what is going on, I am curious as to where the water spray came from, then I would cover the water spray button so I would not get sprayed. Another example would be when there is a tingling affect coming out at the bottom of the seat. I would raise my legs and put in a crossing position to not feel that tingling effect.

However, I admire the experience, we feel that we are part of the movie, we want to know what it feels like in third person.


Transformers is 4D ride, where not to only the chairs moves in vibration. Each car ride has 6 seats, so we are experiencing together with our peers. One thing that is different from Shrek 4D is the sense of touch. There is a scene where there is a fight scene between Optimus Prime and Megatron; there was an explosion. The visual had to match with the sense of touch, so we felt the heat coming out from the area of the 4D ride. I personally admire the Transformers as there are more movements.