Week 10

After understanding what the elements of sound design, we dwell into how to make money out of sound design – we look at the business side of sound design. From week 1, we learnt the triangle (good, fast and cheap). We pick only two, so if the sound design is good, creating it should be fast and vice versa. There are costs and benefits of the choices we make. We need to look at is it worth it – does the costs and benefits match up with the creative work that you have done. This reflect to the idea of the good cheap and fast triangle where the sound designer can pick two out of three. If the sound design is good, it has to be cheap. If the sound design is cheap, it has to be fast. It works vice versa.

Mr. Darrin showed us his Foxtel sound design works – what works and what did not work. For example, one sound design video that he showed us was to make an action sound design video – so how does the movement of the logo, how does it fit with the theme of action. There are whimsical movement. Clearly, he mostly uses score and sound design to create the videos. Mostly, it stumbled upon more on the sound design of FX sound effects that can manipulate the idea of whimsical feeling, for instance.
From Music and Emotion by Patrik N. Juslin, it stated that “In music, this may involve sounds that are sudden, loud, dissonant, and feature fast or rapidly changing temporal patterns. Brain stem reflexes are quick, automatic, and unlearned. A response to an auditory event suggesting ‘danger’ can be emitted as early as at the level of the inferior colliculus of the brain stem”. This is a response to the audience to also feel sudden dramatic that the characters also feel.”

DG Logo Sound Design

This logo sequence reminds me of Hunger Games: The Mockingjay with the flames and loud sounds. The sound design gives such an anger and furious feeling which definitely adds to the black and flaming orange colour to be dark and mysterious. The beginning itself with the detailing of the flames has already demonstrated something intricate and dark feeling, the sound of the flames definitely helps to entice the feeling. The sound of the flames itself is not added gradually slowly by slowly, it just pops out to give that sudden dramatic feeling. At 0:08, it then gives a louder impact when showing the logo, it becomes more dramatic. Then they added a loud score to make even bigger dramatic effect and ended off a quick gradual end.

7TS Logo Sound

However with this logo, it gives a more whimsical effect. It has imaginative twinkling star sounds with high pitched piano repeated sounds to show that the company is bright, is whimsical and magical. It starts out with a syncrhresis of the light and high pitched piano sound. Then, the piano sound gives off a more score sound rather than sound design to entice the feeling of magical. The piano sound is even played going back and forth with only two keys. However the score is more loud and dramatic in the beginning of the sequence, and towards the end, it becomes soft. The loud dramatic scenes matched the colour scheme of the logo which is black, then it becomes soft when changing to white, even colour schemes need to match the mood of the whole logo sound design. Although there is no stars and no lights, the foley sounds of stars create more materiality of having the logo to be magical and whimsical, if there is no star sounds, it would be plain and not give any definition.